Jeff has been around snow for most of his professional life. He moved to Whistler at a young age and has gained over 28 years of resort experience working with Whistler / Blackcomb.

Jeff discovered his passion for events when he was a competitive snowboarder from 1993 to 2002 in the sport of Snowboard Cross. Finishing his competitive career at the World Cup level, Jeff continued to fuel his passion by designing and constructing Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross courses throughout the following years.

As a designer and builder, his most notable achievements has been the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games, Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games where he was responsible for the design and the construction of the Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross Courses. Jeff’s list of achievements extends to also being responsible for the design and construction of two World Championships Venues as well as numerous World Cups around the globe.

National teams and athletes have turned to Jeff’s experience to gain a technical advantage by building private training venues throughout the years. Jeff realized early in his career that great events and venues are built with teamwork. As founder of White Industries Ltd, “greatness” can only be achieved when there is a team working together seamlessly and efficiently towards a common goal.


 Introduced to skiing and snowboarding at a young age Steve can attribute his 16 years of experience sculpting snow to being raised in a snow sports environment.  Steve started his first job in the terrain park after his technical riding abilities were noticed by management at his local resort. In his new position Steve proceeded to take on more responsibility by designing contest venues for both skiing and snowboarding at the resort. After the snow melted away in the spring Steve’s passion for managing projects and executing events still carried on. He enrolled himself in a Ski Resort Management program which helped him sharpen his skills for a professional career within the snow sports industry. After graduating from his college course, Steve moved to Vancouver to work on larger events and projects. Steve now specializes in on hill management, course designs, measurements, volunteer coordinating, event officiating, judging and more.

Steve has taken lead roles for shaping many different projects including three Olympic Winter Games, Vancouver 2010, Sochi 2014 and Pyeongchang 2018. Steve has been involved in Two World Championships at Stoneham Quebec and One World Championship at Solitude Utah in addition to the multiple World Cups around the globe. Steve also leads the charge for construction of both National and Provincial events at home in Canada. He is a quiet leader with an eye for detail both on and off the mountain.  Steve works tirelessly to consistently create incredible events for athletes, officials, volunteers, sponsors and spectators.  He knows that to create high level events,  planning, execution and teamwork create success and  is a reward of one’s passion and creativity.


Olivier moved from Montreal to Whistler in 1992 after getting a degree in fine art. Since then he has been pursuing the dual life of professional snowboarder and artist. He has been working in many different styles and medium both classic and digital, his portfolio contains commercial work for companies in the USA, Europe and Asia.

The style is eclectic. Sometime finely crafted realistic figures, other time colorful and gestural abstract landscapes inspired by the dramatic West Coasts scenery. Olivier enjoys exploring with every new piece. His great range of subject matters and painting techniques is influences by H.R. Giger, Frazetta, Klimt, Mucha as well as graphic novels and fellow Whistler artists.

Currently, Olivier spends his time between Montreal and Whistler working as a set painter on major Hollywood productions, freelance graphic designer and snowboard coach for Core Camps.


Levi Howlett Picture.jpg

Levi has always shown tremendous love for skiing with his first experiences on the slopes starting at the age of 2. In more recent years Levi has grown a passion for the trade of Snow Construction. In his adolescence he was building make shift dry slopes in his backyard and now he’s pushing his limits making and shaping jumps on the mountain. Levi is continually working to spend as much time in the various sectors of the ski industry to both grow his knowledge and experiences.

At his first opportunity Levi fully immersed himself into the mountain environment by relocating to Whistler, B.C, Canada to both to live and work. After 2 years in Whistler he then began to chase winters all over the world gaining more experience in the snow sport and tourism industry. Levi has now worked at Perisher Resorts in Australia, as well as in Italy helping shape both the Innichen and Watles World Cup Ski Cross courses with the teams on site. He most recently assisted the White Industries team and Organizers during the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea with the shaping of the Ski and Snowboard Cross courses.

Looking ahead to the future Levi will be attending University where he will be taking Outdoor Management and Adventure Tourism program’s. Levi hopes to bring the knowledge that he has gained in the ski Industry and incorporate it into his studies at school and visa versa. While learning, he will continue working with the White Industries team as they have helped him realize his true-life ambitions and goals. In the future he looks forward to utilizing his education within the Snow Sports Industry.