Contoured runs are becoming more commonplace within the ski resort industry today.  With the increased costs of energy, advancements in earth moving equipment and the desire of guests wanting more, resorts are turning to in-ground structures as a long term solution. Whether it’s creating undulations on a regular slope or doing a full Snow Park or Cross Track, ground structures create a great legacy for all resort guests.  Ground work once in place will allow a resort to open its facilities early in the season when there is a high demand for snow sport activities. With a ground work structure, slope features will not need to be constructed entirely out of snow each year and all the effort to construct these features will not just melt away with the spring thaw. Year over year costs of having such venues are minimal as the costs of snowmaking and snow cat hours decrease significantly. All the hidden costs of constructing such venues are now minimized, including wear and tear and maintenance on snow cats and snow guns as well as the power required to operate the snowmaking system.  Minimizing all of the yearly start-up costs leaves resorts in a great position to continue operation of such venues with a lower price tag. The long term benefit is for both the resort itself through its operating costs and for the local skiers and boarders to have such facilities available.