White Industries Ltd is involved in winter snow sport venue design, construction and event execution.

Predominantly involved in the winter sports of Snowboarding and Skiing and specializing in the sports of Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross, White Industries Ltd has  taken part in executing some of the largest events within these disciplines. Focusing more on freestyle White Industries Ltd has found success providing venues that athlete’s desire. At White Industries Ltd we work tirelessly to provide the best venue possible for both the athletes and organizing committee and realize that an events full success hinges primarily on the construction of a great venue. White Industries Ltd and its team members have had a big hand in evolving snow sports with over 25 years of snow construction experience. We are always looking to the future and continually bring forward new ideas to fuel the growth of the sports of which we are involved.

We work in partnerships with resorts and realize that teamwork is a recipe for success. While we are on site we are guests to the resorts that we visit, we adapt to their rules and policies and value their local environment. We respect the equipment that we work with and know that the greatest key to success comes from safe work practices. Our goal is to gain relationships with the resorts of which we work in partnership with and once the event has finished to have new friends upon our departure.

At White Industries Ltd we push ourselves to achieve venue designs that are both amazing and efficient. Starting with an efficient venue design allows us more time to focus on the core portions of the construction process that will make venues amazing. The core portion of the build is what the athlete or recreational user notices the most. With years of knowledge and experience we use proven construction techniques that both reduce costs and increase efficiency relating to snow management. Efficiencies can be realized with amount of days required to produce a venue, snow volumes required, snow cat hours used and use of event staff. We strive to be the best by delivering great designs and building exceptional venues.